Day 4 – Daily practice: How? Seek to grow in the likeness of God

Category : Daily Lent Practice

“As for me, I will see Your face in righteousness; I shall
be satisfied when I awake in Your likeness.” (Ps 17:15)

“Christ did not come to destroy the Law or the
Prophets, but to fulfill them. He called His followers,
and He calls us, to exceed the righteousness of the
Pharisees. That doesn’t mean that we will follow more
laws than they did, but that the meaning and purpose
of the Law will be fulfilled in us: that we will grow in
the likeness of God, that we will be united fully with
Him through love; that His love will overflow into every
relationship that we have and will become present in
the world through us. In other words, we will become
holy through the love of God and neighbor; indeed,
that’s what true holiness means, to be purified in love
and union with God and with one another.

Though we may not yet have the eyes to see it, our
entire life in the Church—and every bit of our life in the
world as Christians—presents an opportunity to grow
in holiness through the love of God and neighbor.
Indeed, that’s the point of it all: of our services,
our prayers at home, our fasting, our feasting, our
generosity to the poor, our forgiveness of others,
our marriages and family life, our recreation, and all
our work on the job or at school. They are all part of
fulfilling our most fundamental calling: to grow in the
likeness of God, to become partakers of the Divine
Nature, to grow in loving union with the Holy Trinity and
with one another.

When we make the time to pray daily and to come
to Liturgy on Sundays and Feast days; when we
confess our sins and prepare conscientiously to
receive Communion; when we wrestle with our passions
through fasting or other forms of self-denial; when
we humble ourselves to serve others and to ask for
their forgiveness when we offend them; when we live
faithfully—though imperfectly—as Christ’s followers,
we grow in the love of God and neighbor, and we shine
a bit more brightly with the holy light of Christ. Then
we grow in union with the Lord and His righteousness
and, despite our unworthiness, we share in Christ’s
fulfillment of the Law and the Prophets. That is what
our life as human beings is about, and it is possible
because the Son of God really has become one of
us so that we may become more like Him, being truly
perfected in love.”

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