Day 3-daily lent practice : How? Unite with God through prayer

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“Then you will call upon Me and go and pray to
Me, and I will listen to you. And you will seek Me and
find Me, when you search for Me with all your heart.”
(Jer 29:12-13)

“We pray as a response to love, and we pray in order
to love….

For Christians, love is action, not feeling. Christian
love is not the warm rush of desire and joy that can
be experienced in a love affair, political rally, or
charismatic power meeting. That is romanticism, not
Christianity. So responding to God with warm feelings
is not what prayer should be about…

Love experienced on the deep level of reality results
in a conscious decision to act toward someone in a
caring way and to communicate with that person. So
God acts by sending His Son, the Eternal Word, to us.
This is the ultimate declaration of love. We respond to
the sending of His word with our words. We pray.

Prayer is more than just our response to the way
God loves us. It is part of how we love Him. Love
breaks down separation because we want to be with
the person we love. If we love God we want to become
one with Him. St Dimitri of Rostov wrote: ‘No unity with
God is possible except by an exceedingly great love.’
Loving and joining go together.”

St Dimitri of Rostov continues: “To kindle in
your heart such divine love, to unite with God in an
inseparable union of love, it is necessary for you to
pray often, raising the mind to Him. For as a flame
increases when it is constantly fed, so prayer, made
often, with the mind dwelling ever more deeply in God,
arouses divine love in the heart. And the heart, set on
fire, will warm all the inner person, will enlighten and
teach you, revealing to you all its unknown and hidden
wisdom, and making you like a flaming seraph, always
standing before God within your spirit, always looking
at Him within your mind, and drawing from this vision
the sweetness of spiritual joy.’”

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