“Then He spoke a parable to them, that men always
ought to pray and not lose heart” (Luke 18:1)

“[Fr Pishoy Kamel] told a story which happened to
him several years ago: One of the ladies who used to
confess to him was very bitter and broken hearted.
Her husband was alien from God. He did not bare to
go to church and did not accept visits of any priest.
Furthermore, if he found a religious picture, he would
tear it apart. Father used to tell her to keep on praying
on his behalf.

Days passed and nothing changed. However, our
beloved father was always giving her hope assuring her
of the power of prayer. Suddenly her husband fell sick
and he asked her if she had a picture of the crucified
Jesus. She was reluctant to give it to him lest he might
tear it; but, she realized his good intentions this time.

So she gave him the picture and he put it on his
chest and started to cry heavily. He asked her to call
a priest fast. He confessed and the following day took
communion. Shortly thereafter, he passed away. This
was the work of prayer in this family and many other