Sports Registration


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General Rules

        May God bless this service and any other service for the benefit of His sons and daughters, please keep praying for all participating kids, servants as well as churches.

We would like to start our service with these general rules:

Spiritual Competition Rules:

  1. The competition day is Saturday 08/05/2017 (all ages). day starts with the registration at 9:00 am, and the day ends at 6 pm. Please plan accordingly to have all the kids ready at 9:00 am to start the registration process, Place: Baltimore, MD area, Address will be provided later.
  2. Churches are split into teams, each team leader (church servant) will receive a schedule at the time of registration includes: times, location, breaks etc.. it is the servant’s responsibility to follow the schedule accurately, so please don't be late.
  1. Each participant will be tested in the 4 mandatory competitions (Bible study, Hymns, Memorization and Coptic Language). However, it’s optional to be tested in (Arts, Creative writing, Research and talent show)
  2. Creative writing and Research must be submitted to the mahragan committee email, please write down the participant name, age group, church name on the file submitted. Due date is on 7/5/2017
  3. Angels (KG or under) will have only verbal test for Spiritual, Hymns, Coptic and memorization. 30 minutes for Hymns and Coptic language in a classroom for one team and another 30 minutes for spiritual and memorization. No reading or writing are involved in the test process.
  4. 1st grade and up will be exposed to a written exam for spiritual and Coptic language (Coptic definition in English). No requirement to write-down Coptic words. They will be verbally tested for Hymns, Memorization and Coptic pronunciation.

Sports Competition Rules:

7.Sports competition is on Saturday 08/12/2017 at 9:00 am, Please plan accordingly to have all the kids ready to start the registration process on time. The day is scheduled to end at 6:00 pm in the Baltimore, MD area; address will be provided later.

Any bad behavior from any participant will subject the participant and the whole team to be disqualified from the whole competition.

-No one will be accepted in the sports day without participating in the Mandatory spiritual competition (Bible study, Hymns, Coptic language and memorization); NO EXCEPTIONS.

  1. Each church should hold an internal tournament to provide the best player in Chess and Ping Pong across each age group to compete between other churches in the sports competition.


On The Day of Competition Rules:

  1. We will hold Each church/servants accountable for any violations or/and damages that happen in the rental place caused by their kids. We need to leave the place CLEAN as we received it.
  2. Each church/servants are fully responsible for their kids.
  3. The main coordinator from each church should be Physically Present on that day, otherwise the coordinator needs to delegate this responsibility to someone else and email the Mahragan Committee ( The Mahragan Committee will ONLY answer questions form church coordinators.

    12.Parking priority is for all churches’ buses and 4 spots for servants for each church. Parents are most welcome to attend the day but they need to find parking on the street and they are          not allowed to be with their kids in any test.

  1. Food, Water and snacks will be provided free of charge to each church coordinator based on the number of kids and servants.
  2. Each Church Coordinator will be responsible for receiving and distributing the meals for their church according to the number of registered kids ONLY.
  3. Optional Movie time for teams who have free time.
  4. participants T-shirts will be delivered to each church coordinator, and they are expected to be worn prior to the competition.
  5. Mahragan Committee will provide free of charge a limited quantity of T-shirts for the servants during the competition.


Scoring and ranking methodology & Trophies:

  1. Scoring and ranking methodology will secure fairness among all participating kids and churches as best of our knowledge and efforts.
  2. Trophies will be given to the winning church in the 4 mandatory competitions. And will be given to the winning individuals in the optional competitions. -Sports trophies for teams sports (soccer, football…etc) will be given to the whole team, and for individual sports (chess, ping pong… etc) will be given individually.
  3. Test Methodology by activity by age group


  Angels 1st Grade 2nd & 3rd 4th & 5th 6th to 8th 9th to 12th College & adults
Spiritual Verbal/Team Individual/written Individual/written Individual/written Individual/written Individual/written Individual/written
Memorization Verbal/Team Verbal/Team Verbal/Team Verbal/Team Verbal/Team Verbal/Team Verbal/Team
Hymns Verbal/Team Verbal/Team Verbal/Team Verbal/Team Verbal/Team Verbal/Team Verbal/Team
Coptic Verbal/Team half is Verbal/Team and half written individual half is Verbal/Team and half written individual half is Verbal/Team and half written individual half is Verbal/Team and half written individual half is Verbal/Team and half written individual half is Verbal/Team and half written individual



Control room and Judges Rules:

  1. At least 6 judges (Minimum 3 judges for hymns and coptic language) are required from each church, and should register (no fee) before dead line.
  2. Food, water and snacks will be provided to the judges.
  3. The control room representative will collect the results from the judges.

Registration Rules:

  2. $200 (non refundable) registration fee is required from each church after agreeing on these terms and conditions.
  3. $20 (non refundable) registration fee is required from each participant after filling the registration form.
  4. Sports day registration will be done by teams before the due date, each team leader should register for their team, registration is free.
  5. All payments will be online on the church website  (no cash or checks are allowed):

A.Church registration fee ($200 per church) due date is 6/18/2017.

B.Participants registration fee ($20 per person) due date is 6/18/2017.

C.Research, creative writing and Arts (no fee) due date is 7/15/2017.

D.Sports day registration by teams (no fee) due date is 7/5/2017,

E. Judges registration (no fee) due date is 7/5/2017.


How to Buy raffle tickets:

Terms and conditions

  • Saint Mary Coptic Church of Maryland is determined to conduct this raffle in the fairest way possible
  • The winning ticket draw will be public and will take place on Sunday October 8th, 2017 at 4:00 pm
  • The winner does not have to be present to win the prize
  • The ticket price is $100 per ticket and $800 for 10 tickets
  • Payment is non-refundable unless the raffle is cancelled
  • Raffle will be cancelled if less than 250 tickets are sold
  • This raffle is intended for fund raising and all the proceeds will be used in building the new Sanctuary for Saint Mary church in Cooksville, MD
  • All taxes, fees,upgrades ….etc are the winner responsibility